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Love and Sickness (Prelude)

19 juillet 2020

Image by Silviarita from Pixabay
Image by Silviarita from Pixabay


Their laughing abruptly stops. Air went heavy, and his face became as cold as a stone. He clenched his fists and stood up like a swirl. It was starting again, she knew it. He went in the dark corridor and squatted under the battle's weight. The other him would take over again, one more time. The battle was hard, he was sweating in big drops and shivering all the same, shadows were taking over him...

―Stay with me, darling...

From the deeper place his soul was buried in, he heard her angelic and salvationist, yet sobbing voice. He felt the gentleness of her hand on his shoulder. These became the light that brought him back from profound darkness. He slowly got up, turned round and hugged her.

―I'll always overcome when you stay by my side ...

Hey, guys !
Tell me, are you interested in this story ? This is a short story from a budding (not so budding) genius. We're going to post the entire story so stay tunned !

Hugs, #KhashHmv

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